Endocrine Health Supplements

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    Features a berberine complex that transcends the nutrient’s usual lack of absorption and bioavailability
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    RLA Pro SR

    Advanced Support for Efficacious Glucose Metabolism*

What Are Endocrine Health Supplements?

The micronutrients in your diet influence how well the endocrine system functions. As your body’s interconnected messenger system of hormone-producing glands, the endocrine system helps control functions like metabolism, immunity, and reproduction, among others. Food affects hormone production and secretion in several ways, including:

  • Producing hormones when we eat

  • Supporting our metabolic system

  • Interacting with the nervous system via the hypothalamus, which signals hunger and thirst and regulates the pituitary gland (controls hormone release in other glands)

  • Modulating bacteria levels in the gut biome

Although a healthy diet is vital for endocrine health, endocrine supplements can help make up for dietary gaps and enhance the absorption of nutrients that naturally have poor bioavailability.

The endocrine health supplements developed by Tesseract Medical Research combine high-quality active ingredients with a revolutionary nutrient delivery system to enhance absorption and bioavailability. The result is highly effective endocrine supplements that support the health of your endocrine system.

Why Choose Endocrine Supplements by Tesseract?

The enteroendocrine cells (EEC) in the intestine sense the presence of nutrients and respond by secreting hormones that regulate multiple organs and body functions. The growing evidence1 that EECs play a central role in regulating nutrient absorption highlights the need for better bioavailability of nutrients.

The power of Tesseract’s endocrine supplements lies in our innovative nutrient delivery system that protects the integrity of the supplement’s ingredients while they transit through the stomach and delivers them where they are needed most. Our proprietary CyLoc® - DexKey® technology unlocks unprecedented micro-dosed nutrient absorption, to create effective and powerful physiological responses supportive of endocrine health.

Tesseract Formulations for Endocrine-Supportive Functions

The following Tesseract endocrine supplements have been formulated with trusted nutrients that have high therapeutic potential, yet historically have been difficult to absorb. Tesseract’s delivery technology allows for maximum absorption and effectiveness of a nutrient’s molecules to ensure you achieve the most from your supplements, in line with our Three Pillar Approach: maximum absorption, enhanced palatability, and micro-dosing.

Front of BerberActiv® bottle


Berberine is a plant alkaloid extracted from the roots of Berberis aristate, that supports the biomarkers associated with blood glucose metabolism.* Our BerberActiv® formulation is available in both quick- and sustained-release formats with our proprietary delivery system to ensure optimal absorption.

Front of RLA Pro® SR bottle


Lipoic acid is a key component of several essential enzyme complexes in the mitochondria and holds immense therapeutic potential.* However, the ‘S’ isomer of lipoic acid displays both poor absorption and low bioavailability, which adversely impacts its efficacy. Tesseract’s RLA Pro SR® formulation overcomes this disadvantage by using the ‘R’ isomer of lipoic acid to offer unparalleled physiologic benefits.* The groundbreaking nutrient delivery system solubilizes RLA and delivers the nutrient molecules through the gut wall, maximizing absorption and bioavailability.*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is micro-dosing?

The unprecedented absorption made possible by Tesseract’s delivery technology means that powerful and rapid physiological responses can be initiated even with lower doses. With micro-dosing, multiple nutrients are administered by a single capsule, making it highly effective.

Why are Tesseract’s endocrine health supplements the best?

CyLoc® - DexKey® delivery technology ensures optimal delivery of active nutrients to the target cells, without compromising nutrient integrity. Excellent absorption of active ingredients in microdoses is the reason Tesseract’s endocrine health supplements have unparalleled efficacy.

What are the origins of the active ingredients in Tesseract’s endocrine supplements?

Tesseract is a pioneer in sourcing powerful botanical extracts that are typically difficult to tolerate and we enhance their palatability using our CyLoc® matrix. Better palatability, bioavailability, and absorption significantly boost patient compliance and the therapeutic value of active ingredients in Tesseract’s endocrine supplements.

What are the manufacturing standards of Tesseract’s dietary supplement products?

We are committed to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), implementing scientifically-advanced analytical techniques and quality control systems to comply with the best manufacturing standards while formulating dietary supplements with unparalleled efficacy.

Free of gluten, nuts, eggs, metallic colorants, lactose, stearates, preservatives, banned substances

How do I place an order for Tesseract’s immune support supplements?

Before ordering, please visit our website and set up an account with Tesseract. After registering your account, you can place an order on our ‘All Products’ page before 12 A.M. Pacific time (Monday through Friday) to obtain same-business-day shipping. Visit the Shipping and Returns page for more information.

Tesseract Medical combines the highest-quality nutrients with cutting-edge delivery systems to help you support your health. Have questions? Contact us to learn more about our innovative products and how to make them part of your routine.

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