Immune Support Supplements

  • Front of BerberActiv® bottle


    Features a berberine complex that transcends the nutrient’s usual lack of absorption and bioavailability
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    Maximizes the bioavailability of curcumin in the body

What Are Immune Support Supplements?

Nutrition and immune health are closely related. Along with factors like exercise, sleep, and stress management, the body’s ability to maintain healthy immune function largely relies on a balanced diet. Nutrients influence the body’s immunomodulatory processes, and the deficiency of even a single nutrient can potentially alter the body’s immune response. This is where immune support supplements can help.

The best immune support supplement helps maintain immune function through the optimal absorption of high-quality ingredients. Tesseract’s advanced formulations and revolutionary nutrient delivery system, according to our Three Pillar Approach — maximum absorption, enhanced palatability, and microdosing — enhance the therapeutic potential of nutritional supplements to support your body’s healthy immune function.

Why Choose Tesseract Immune Support Supplements?

Tesseract’s proprietary CyLoc® technology protects the integrity of active ingredients by encasing each molecule in its own dextrin fiber delivery cage. The DexKey® release technology accompanying each CyLoc® molecule releases the active ingredient at the desired point within the GI tract, ensuring optimal absorption and effectiveness of the ingredients. With the CyLoc® - DexKey® matrix, ingredients can be precisely delivered and optimally absorbed, which means lower doses can be used to create rapid and powerful physiological responses that support healthy immune function.

Tesseract Formulas Support Healthy Immune Function

The following advanced immune support supplements are formulated with trusted nutrients delivered through Tesseract’s revolutionary nutrient delivery system:


Available in both quick-release and sustained-release formulations, BerberActiv® contains Berberine, a compound extracted from the roots of the plant Berberis aristata. Recent studies reveal the therapeutic potential of berberine for supporting healthy immune function1 and healthy blood glucose metabolism.*2 Berberine is also associated with maintaining healthy lipid metabolism, gastrointestinal health, liver function, cardiovascular function, and healthy weight management.* With Tesseract’s innovative delivery technology, BerberActiv® optimizes the absorption of berberine—one molecule at a time.

Front of QuerciSorb Immuphore SR bottle

QuerciSorb Immuphore SR

QuerciSorb Immuphore SR™ contains four immune-supportive nutrients in a single capsule that promote healthy immune function throughout the day*:

  • Quercetin

  • Zinc

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin C

Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant, modulates the body’s natural inflammatory response and requires binding with zinc to exert its beneficial effects on immune function. However, both quercetin and zinc are typically poorly absorbed. Tesseract’s proprietary delivery technology changes that, optimizing their therapeutic benefit.*

QuerciSorb Immuphore SR™delivers active ingredients through the gut wall in a sustained-release (SR) format to support healthy immune function all day long.*

Front of TetraCumin® SR bottle


Curcumin and its metabolites have long been used to support healthy inflammatory responses in the body.* However, the poor absorption of curcumin when taken orally adversely impacts its efficacy. Tesseract’s TetraCumin® formulation utilizes tetrahydrocurcumin, the highly bioactive metabolite of curcumin and a powerful antioxidant.* Combined with Tesseract’s unique delivery technology, TetraCumin® ensures better absorption and enhances the therapeutic potential of tetrahydrocurcumin to support immune function, gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular health, and optimal lipid profiles.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Tesseract supplements more effective than other immune support supplements?

Tesseract’s groundbreaking CyLoc® - DexKey® delivery technology ensures better absorption and bioavailability of nutrients that are otherwise difficult to absorb in oral form, setting Tesseract immune support supplements apart from competing supplements.

What are the origins of the active ingredients in Tesseract’s powerfulimmune support supplements?

The active ingredients in Tesseract’s formulations for immune support are derived from powerful botanical extracts. The CyLoc® - DexKey® matrix improves the tolerability and palatability of the ingredients and makes them more effective with better absorption.*

What is the suggested use of Tesseract’s immune support supplements?

Individual labels should be checked for the suggested use of Tesseract’s immune support supplements, or follow the recommended use instructions of your healthcare practitioner. If pregnant, consult with your healthcare practitioner before using any nutritional supplement.

What are the manufacturing standards of Tesseract’s nutritional supplements?

Tesseract is committed to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), including using the most appropriate and scientifically-advanced analytical techniques and a well-designed quality control system to ensure the best manufacturing standards for Tesseract’s nutritional supplements.

Free of gluten, nuts, eggs, metallic colorants, lactose, stearates, preservatives, banned substances

How do I place an order for Tesseract’s immune support supplements?

First, visit our website and set up an account with Tesseract. After registering your account, you can place an order through our ‘All Products’ page to select the supplements you need and place an order before 12 A.M. Pacific time (Monday through Friday) to obtain same-business-day shipping.

Tesseract Medical combines the highest-quality nutrients with cutting-edge delivery systems to help you support your health. Have questions? Contact us to learn more about our innovative nutritional supplements and how to make them part of your routine.

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