GI Support Supplements

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    AURX® utilizes Tesseract’s patent-pending delivery technology to create the first palatable, bioavailable, purest form of butyric acid
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    BiomeAide® is a proprietary blend of proven and powerful plant isolate extracts, terpenes, and oils that inhibit harmful bacteria and promote a healthy gastrointestinal environment*
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    Powerful gastrointestinal protective benefits, inflammatory response benefits, and antioxidant properties.*

What Are GI Supplements?

The gastrointestinal (GI) system lies at the core of our overall health, and its functions extend beyond digestion and absorption of nutrients. The gut has widespread influence throughout the body, affecting the immune system, sleep cycles, mental health, skin conditions, cardiovascular health, and more. Although a well-balanced diet is the first step toward supporting gut health, GI supplements can fill in dietary gaps and give you a simple way to optimize your gastrointestinal wellness daily.*

The GI supplements developed by Tesseract Medical Research have advanced formulations containing powerful and effective botanical extracts. With the help of a revolutionary nutrient delivery system, the absorption, bioavailability, and palatability of the active ingredients in the extracts are enhanced, enabling them to support the best outcomes.

Why Choose Tesseract GI Support Supplements?

Tesseract’s revolutionary smart delivery system, CyLoc® - DexKey®, protects the integrity of active ingredients and ensures targeted delivery of nutrients in the intestinal tract for maximum absorption. This unprecedented absorption allows for micro-dosing in line with our Three Pillar Approach — maximum absorption, enhanced palatability, and microdosing — to help you get the most out of your GI support supplements.

Tesseract Formulations for GI Health Support*

Tesseract’s GI supplements combine the power of trusted nutrients with cutting-edge delivery technology to enhance efficacy and ensure optimal absorption.

Front of AuRx® bottle


This gold-standard medical food is formulated with a stabilized butyric acid complex that supports the gut-brain axis in autistic children. GI disturbances are associated with language impairment, irritability, and behavioral problems in autistic children, and restoring balance offers an innovative way to address multiple symptoms simultaneously.

AuRx® is hypoallergenic, highly palatable, and provides powerful nutritional support for a range of autism symptoms. Pairing powerful ingredients with Tesseract’s revolutionary nutrient delivery technology makes AuRx® a valuable addition to your child’s therapeutic regimen.

Front of BiomeAide® bottle


BiomeAide® is a proprietary blend of proven plant extracts, terpenes, and oils that supports healthy GI function.* By promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, this innovative GI support supplement helps your body establish a well-balanced intestinal microbiome.*

The unique formula of BiomeAide®, coupled with Tesseract’s CyLoc® and DexKey® delivery systems, provides for the optimal absorption of active nutrients in efficient micro-doses.

Front of ProButyrate® bottle


Butyric acid is an important short-chain fatty acid produced in the large intestine. Insufficient natural production of butyric acid in the gut can profoundly impact gastrointestinal health and result in adverse systemic conditions. ProButyrate® stabilizes the gut microbiome to promote and enhance natural production of butyric acid.*

One of the most advanced GI supplements available today, ProButyrate® uses CyLoc® - DexKey® technology to isolate and lock individual butyric acid molecules in their own dextrin fiber carrier to ensure integrity and palatability and deliver them throughout the GI tract for maximum absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GI support supplements safe? Are there any side effects?

Tesseract’s GI supplements have been formulated based on rigorous scientific evidence and innovation, which optimizes the bioavailability and absorption of their ingredients to safely support gut health.* If pregnant or nursing, you should consult with your healthcare provider for the recommended dosage, and do not take the product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Are there manufacturing standards associated with Tesseract’s GI support supplements?

Tesseract’s nutritional supplements are developed following scientifically advanced techniques and go through a well-designed quality control system to produce the finest quality products following Good Manufacturing Practices.

Free of gluten, nuts, eggs, metallic colorants, lactose, stearates, preservatives, banned substances

What are the origins of the active ingredients in Tesseract’s GI support supplements?

The active ingredients in Tesseract’s GI support supplements are derived from powerful botanical extracts that are typically difficult to tolerate and have low bioavailability, resulting in poor absorption in the body. Tesseract’s patent-pending CyLoc® - DexKey® technology enhances palatability, bioavailability, and absorption to boost patient adherence and therapeutic value.

How do I place an order for Tesseract’s GI support supplements?

First, visit our website to set up an account with Tesseract. Once you have registered for an account, you can place an order through our All Products page before 12 A.M. Pacific time (Monday through Friday) for same business-day shipping. Visit our Shiping and Returns page for more information.

Tesseract Medical combines the highest-quality nutrients with cutting-edge delivery systems to help you support your health. Have questions? Contact us to learn more about our innovative nutritional supplements and how to make them part of your routine.