CoQ10 Pro®

Advanced Coenzyme Q10 Absorbability


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  • Front of CoQ10 Pro® bottle

    Front of CoQ10 Pro® bottle

  • Supplement Facts and Ingredients for CoQ10 Pro®

    Supplement Facts and Ingredients for CoQ10 Pro®

  • Suggested use for CoQ10 Pro®

    Suggested use for CoQ10 Pro®

Discover the benefits of Coenzyme Q10 on heart and muscle tissue for optimal cardiovascular health with Tesseract’s CoQ10 Pro®. We know the science that says CoQ10 is typically poorly absorbed, with most formulations getting low marks for their lackluster absorbability.

Tesseract’s answer? Our new CoQ10 Pro®. With Tesseract’s proprietary CyLoc® technology, each molecule of CoQ10 is encased in a dextrin fiber matrix, which significantly enhances its absorption and bioavailability. Transporting CoQ10 one molecule at a time is Tesseract’s proprietary science. It enables optimal solubility, and is coupled with our DexKey® release technology for optimal delivery to the tissues, which translates to less of the active ingredient being needed to take on the day, leaving you more time in the day to take on life.

Because Coenzyme Q10’s biosynthesis pathway shares many steps with cholesterol’s biosynthesis pathway, statin medications can decrease not only cholesterol levels, but also circulating CoQ10 levels. What does this mean for you? An individual taking a statin medication can experience decreased levels of CoQ10, thus losing out on CoQ10's many benefits for helping to maintain cardiovascular health.* Downsize that risk by supplementing with Tesseract’s CoQ10 Pro®.
Results from the 2014 Q-SYMBIO 2 Trial found remarkable clinical improvements in cardiovascular risk factors following CoQ10 supplementation¹.

¹ CoQ10 Pro Q-SYMBIO 2 Trial: Hargreaves I, Heaton RA, Mantle D. Int J Mol Sci 2020;21:6695

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