Lung Support Supplements

What Are Respiratory Health Supplements?

Your lungs, along with the other parts of your respiratory system, work around the clock to ensure oxygen moves into the bloodstream while carbon dioxide is eliminated. In addition to these primary functions, the lungs play a role in several non-respiratory processes, such as optimizing cardiac output, acting as a blood filter and blood reservoir, and regulating body temperature. Ensuring optimal respiratory system function is critical for overall health, and a respiratory health supplement can help you achieve that.*

Tesseract’s respiratory health supplement contains high-quality nutrients isolated from botanical extracts that are delivered through a revolutionary nutrient transport system for maximum absorption. The result is a highly effective supplement that supports your respiratory health.*

Why Choose Tesseract’s Respiratory Health Supplement?

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The lungs are remarkably resilient. Even with continuous exposure to chemicals, particulate matter, pollen, bacteria, and viruses, the airway mucus in the lungs traps and removes inhaled toxins to keep the body healthy. However, excessive mucus secretions can interfere with these processes and cause airway and respiratory impairment.

Tesseract’s respiratory health supplement promotes healthy mucus secretion.* its innovative product features include:

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Active Ingredients: Clinically-testedactive ingredients isolated from plant extracts are used to formulate a hypoallergenic nutritional supplement that supports respiratory health.*

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A Revolutionary Nutrient Delivery System: Tesseract’s patent-pending CyLoc®-DexKey® system protects nutrient molecules as they transit through the stomach, maintaining their integrity and delivering them at the desired point in the intestinal tract.

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Unparalleled Absorption: Targeted delivery of nano-sized active nutrient molecules makes them more easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

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Enhanced Efficacy: Maximum absorption of the active ingredients means enhanced efficacy, making each individual molecule a bioavailable therapeutic reality.

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Micro-Dosing: Unprecedented absorption allows for lower amounts of active nutrients in a single capsule to achieve the desired physiological response.

A Tesseract Supplement that Supports Healthy Respiratory Function*

Tesseract’s proprietary blend of solubility-enhanced ingredients offers a superior nutritional supplement for maintaining your respiratory health.*

MuSolve SR®

MuSolve SR® is a mucus-resolving nutritional supplement that contains botanical isolates and extracts that promote mucosal clearance,* including:1

  • Eucalyptol Isolate: Enhances the beat frequency of respiratory cilia to enable mucus secretions to move through and clear from the respiratory tract.*

  • Menthol Extracts: Support healthy respiration rates by interacting with nasal mucus receptors and enhancing bronchodilation* — the widening of the airways and relaxation of muscles in the lungs.

  • Fenugreek Isolate: Helps inhibit the production of leukotrienes — lipid mediators that trigger adverse inflammatory responses — and helps enhance bronchodilation.

  • Monoterpene Isolates: Syncarpia glomulifera, Bulnesia sarmientoi, and Pine (Pinus pinaster and/or Pinus elliottii and /or Pinus sylvestris) isolates support a healthy inflammatory response.

The botanical extracts in MuSolve SR® help down-regulate the activities of pro-inflammatory leukotrienes and cytokines that can cause the production of excess mucus and fluids.* The revolutionary CyLoc®-DexKey® delivery technology ensures unprecedented absorption, allowing for micro-dosing of the formula’s nutrients and a highly efficacious respiratory supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Tesseract’s respiratory health supplement effective?

An advanced formulation with trusted botanical extracts, along with a revolutionary targeted nutrient delivery system that maximizes absorption of nutrient molecules, make Tesseract’s respiratory health supplement highly effective.*

What are the manufacturing standards associated with Tesseract’s respiratory health supplement?

Tesseract is committed to Good Manufacturing Practices and develops products using advanced analytical techniques and quality control systems to ensure you receive a respiratory health supplement of the highest standards.

Free of gluten, nuts, eggs, metallic colorants, lactose, stearates, preservatives, banned substances

What is the suggested use of Tesseract’s respiratory health supplement?

Check the product label for the suggested use, or consult with your health-care provider.

How do I place an order for Tesseract’s respiratory health supplement?

Before ordering, please visit our website and set up an account with Tesseract. After registering your account, you can place an order on our ‘All Products’ page before 12 A.M. (Pacific Time, Monday-Friday) to obtain same-business-day shipping. Visit the Shipping and Returns page for more information.

Tesseract Medical Research combines the highest-quality nutrients with a cutting-edge delivery system to bring you a superior respiratory health supplement. Contact us to learn more about our advanced formulations and how to make them part of your daily routine.

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