Our transport system protects nutrients as they transit through the stomach so product integrity is not compromised and patients receive the full impact of the ingredients they take.

In addition, each nutrient molecule is isolated individually in a dextrin fiber matrix, creating nano-sized particles that are more easily absorbed and utilized by the cells in the body, enhancing their natural efficacy.

Trusted nutrients that have previously been difficult to absorb in oral form, like Glutathione, are now highly absorbable and efficacious, leading to more positive therapeutic outcomes.

Introducing The Power of Tesseract:
A Single Molecule in its CyLoc®-DexKey® Matrix

Molecule Enlarged for Demonstration

Tesseract's CyLoc® technology encases each molecule of active ingredient in its own dextrin fiber delivery cage. Tesseract’s DexKey® technology then releases the active ingredient allowing for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Tesseract's DexKey® technology accompanies each CyLoc® molecule and breaks the dextrin fiber cage at the desired release point within the intestinal tract, allowing for maximum absorption and effectiveness of each molecule.

As these individual nutrient molecules move through the gastrointestinal tract, Tesseract’s revolutionary delivery technology allows individual nutrient molecules to become a bioavailable therapeutic reality.

The Power of Tesseract: Our Three Pillar Approach

  • Maximum Absorption

  • Our nutrient delivery system represents a stunning upgrade to the impact of nutrients on your body and is unlike anything else available to doctors or consumers.*

  • Making Intolerable Ingredients Palatable

  • When our CyLoc® technology encases each molecule of an active ingredient in its own dextrin fiber delivery matrix, it eliminates the issues of unpalatable taste and smell. Coupled with our DexKey® release technology, active ingredients can now be delivered effectively where they are needed most.

  • Micro-Dosing

  • With Tesseract's patent-pending delivery technology, unprecedented absorption is achieved resulting in lower doses of active ingredients creating a more powerful and much more rapid physiological response.*