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  • Front of BerberActiv® bottle

    Front of BerberActiv® bottle

  • Supplement Facts and Ingredients for BerberActiv®

    Supplement Facts and Ingredients for BerberActiv®

  • Suggested use for BerberActiv®

    Suggested use for BerberActiv®

More than 2,000 studies demonstrate the many benefits of berberine, a compound extracted from the roots of Berberis aristate. What does all this research show? Supporting glucose metabolism tops the list.*

A meta-analysis of 28 clinical trials that evaluated berberine's efficacy concluded that berberine can significantly improve the biomarkers associated with blood glucose metabolism.* (Berberine benefits glucose metabolism by stimulating glycolysis via increasing the activity of glucokinase¹. But Berberine’s benefits don't end there!

Berberine also supports gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular function, lipid metabolism, healthy weight management, and liver function¹. It’s all made possible because of berberine's powerful ability to stimulate AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), the body’s primary energy regulatory switch.* AMPK is involved in moderating the critical biochemical pathways found in the cells of various organs, such as the brain, kidney, heart, and liver.*

BerberActiv®  is available in both quick release and sustained-released formulations and is powered by Tesseract's revolutionary CyLoc® and DexKey® delivery system, which ensures its optimal absorption – one molecule at a time. And that’s worth talking about. Click through to learn more.

¹ BerberActiv: 28 Clinical Trials: Liang Y, Xu X, Yin M, et al. Endocr J. 2019;66:51-63

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