R-Lipoic Acid with Unparalleled Absorption


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  • Front of RLA Pro® SR bottle

    Front of RLA Pro® SR bottle

  • Supplement Facts and Ingredients for RLA Pro® SR

    Supplement Facts and Ingredients for RLA Pro® SR

  • Suggested use for RLA Pro® SR

    Suggested use for RLA Pro® SR

  • Lipoic acid is a component of several essential enzyme complexes in the mitochondria that are involved in energy production, amino acid metabolism, and glucose homeostasis.
  • Tesseract’s RLA Pro® is formulated with the “R” isomer of lipoic acid for superior absorption. Its therapeutic properties are attributed to its direct free-radical scavenging capability, potent antioxidant activity, and its ability to increase nitric oxide production.*
  • Tesseract’s proprietary and groundbreaking CyLoc® and DexKey® delivery technology solubilizes RLA, ensuring that RLA Pro® is delivered through the gut wall for unprecedented absorption and bioavailability.* This allows for micro-dosing of the active ingredient in a single capsule, which can achieve a powerful and immediate physiological response.*

    Why Tesseract’s RLA Pro® SR?
    − Typically, lipoic acid’s natural therapeutic efficacy is inhibited by its poor absorption and low bioavailability. Tesseract utilizes the R isomer of lipoic acid (RLA) because it exhibits increased absorption and bioavailability compared to the S isomer, significantly optimizing lipoic acid’s therapeutic efficacy. Coupled with Tesseract’s unprecedented delivery technology, RLA Pro® SR offers unparalleled physiologic benefits.

    − The effect of lipoic acid on glucose utilization was examined in a meta-analysis of 20 randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials with 1,245 subjects having underlying metabolic disorders. Lipoic acid was found to have significant clinical benefits. Research has also shown that lipoic acid administration provides significant nutritional support to individuals who have health complications attributable to diabetes.*

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