Feel the Power of Tesseract's Proven Nutrients and Unrivaled Delivery System

  • Maximum Absorption

  • Our nutrient delivery system represents a stunning upgrade to the impact of nutrients on your body and is unlike anything else available to doctors or consumers.*

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  • Making Intolerable Ingredients Palatable

  • When our CyLoc® technology encases each molecule of an active ingredient in its own dextrin fiber delivery matrix, it eliminates the issues of unpalatable taste and smell. Coupled with our DexKey® release technology, active ingredients can now be delivered effectively where they are needed most.

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  • Micro-Dosing

  • With Tesseract's patent-pending delivery technology, unprecedented absorption is achieved resulting in lower doses of active ingredients creating a more powerful and much more rapid physiological response.*

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    An acetylated form of oral glutathione – potent antioxidant therapy for healthy aging.*
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    With healthy male aging in mind and to support optimal health, Tesseract launches ProstaSorb®
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    RLA Pro SR

    Advanced Support for Efficacious Glucose Metabolism*

Tesseract’s commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices includes a well-designed quality control system that focuses on more than just finished product testing; we also utilize the most appropriate and scientifically advanced analytical techniques to assure the finest quality of materials throughout the manufacturing process.