Proprietary Science

Proprietary Science - The Tesseract Effect®

Three Key Benefits

One – Maximum absorption. How? With CyLoc® technology that surrounds each molecule of insoluble, poorly absorbed active ingredients in its very own smart delivery system. So smart that it increases absorption and protects nutrients on their path through the body that could otherwise degrade a nutrient’s integrity and compromise or eliminate its efficacy. This results in the nutrients actually being delivered. Then we combine this achievement with DexKey®, CyLoc’s partner. DexKey reactors release each molecule at the desired point in the intestinal tract to achieve maximum absorption.

Two – We are pioneers. Specifically, Tesseract sources potent botanical extracts that have been traditionally difficult or impossible to tolerate. Our CyLoc® matrix masks objectionable taste and smell to vastly improve palatability. And with improved palatability, patient compliance and therapeutic value are improved together.

Three – Meet micro-dosing. Tesseract’s unprecedented absorption capabilities mean lower doses of active ingredients are needed to achieve a powerful and much more rapid physiological response. Why is this a game-changer? Because micro-dosing allows for multiple nutrients to be highly efficacious in a single capsule.

The community of medical professionals who are leveraging Tesseract’s powerful supplements regularly consult with patients and a wide variety of other nutritionists, specialists, and extensively trained medical practitioner peers. Click here to learn more about how Tesseract’s unique technology differentiates our supplements from all other brands in today’s crowded wellness landscape.