QuerciSorb® Immuphore SR

A Potent Flavonoid for Powerful Immune Function Support*


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  • Front of QuerciSorb Immuphore SR bottle

    Front of QuerciSorb Immuphore SR bottle

  • Supplement Facts and Ingredients for QuerciSorb Immuphore SR

    Supplement Facts and Ingredients for QuerciSorb Immuphore SR

  • Suggested use for QuerciSorb Immuphore SR

    Suggested use for QuerciSorb Immuphore SR

  • Quercetin acts as a powerful antioxidant, modulates the inflammatory response, and plays a significant role in supporting healthy immune function. Quercetin has also been shown to inhibit entry of certain pathogens into cells.
  • Quercetin requires zinc to exert its beneficial effects on immune response.* Quercetin binds to zinc to increase intracellular zinc concentrations and zinc is well known for its inhibitory effect on the activity of certain pathogens. Quercetin also contributes to innate and adaptive immune signaling pathways.
  • Vitamin D has been demonstrated clinically to protect against pathogens by exerting important regulatory functions on both innate and adaptive immunity.
    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) contributes to immune function in humans by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system,* with decades of research supporting its therapeutic efficacy.

    Why Tesseract’s QuerciSorb Immuphore SR?
    − The challenge with most immune-enhancing compounds, like zinc and quercetin, is they are typically not well-absorbed. Tesseract’s formula has the advantage over competing products with similar ingredients due to Tesseract’s ground-breaking CyLoc®/DexKey® delivery technology. This ensures Immuphore SR’s therapeutically advanced quercetin is delivered one molecule at a time through the wall of the gut, accompanying the other therapeutic ingredients.

    − Immuphore SR’s four unique ingredients are contained in micro-doses in a single capsule, thus achieving a more powerful and immediate physiological response. In addition, Immuphore SR’s nutrients are delivered in a sustained-released (SR) format, so immune function is supported all day long.*

    − Consider QuerciSorb Immuphore SR for synergistically powerful and effective immune support during times where the risks to health and wellbeing is high, especially in immuno-compromised individuals.*

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