Relief from Gastrointestinal Dysbiosis*


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  • Front of BiomeAide® bottle

    Front of BiomeAide® bottle

  • Supplement Facts and Ingredients for BiomeAide®

    Supplement Facts and Ingredients for BiomeAide®

  • Suggested use for BiomeAide®

    Suggested use for BiomeAide®

Harmful bacteria, problematic pathogens, and prescription antibiotics with unforeseen and adverse consequences to the gut microbiome can create an unbalanced and unhealthy gastrointestinal (GI) environment. Tesseract helps you establish a well-balanced intestinal microbiome and healthy GI function with BiomeAide® – our proprietary blend of powerful plant isolate extracts, terpenes, and oils.*

Say "NO" to leaky gut and unresolved diarrhea caused by disruptions to the intestinal microbiota with Tesseract’s BiomeAide®.* This unique formula’s proprietary blend of 10 proven, powerful plant extracts promote a balanced GI microbiota.*

To protect against intestinal overgrowth by pathogenic organisms, take BiomeAide® to support a more favorable environment for the growth of the beneficial bacteria found in a healthy gut microbiome.* Our proprietary CyLoc® and DexKey® delivery systems enable the nutrients in BiomeAide® to be delivered and released in the intestinal tract where they ensure unprecedented absorption and delivery in efficient micro-doses.* Click through for a more in-depth discussion.

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