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  • Front of HepatiSafe® bottle

    Front of HepatiSafe® bottle

  • Supplement Facts and Ingredients for HepatiSafe®

    Supplement Facts and Ingredients for HepatiSafe®

  • Suggested use for HepatiSafe®

    Suggested use for HepatiSafe®

HepatiSafe® is a comprehensive approach to liver health. Exposure to toxins and oxidative stressors can lead to compromised liver function, and impaired detoxification can often result in fatty liver – the most common cause of liver impairment in the United States, with cases totaling upward of three million a year.

With its blend of four clinically-tested nutrients, HepatiSafe® provides support for all phases of liver detoxification – optimal hepatic function and a vigorous inflammatory response* – even in the most challenging cases.*

Silymarin helps decrease elevated liver enzymes, and alpha-lipoic acid works in partnership with antioxidants like vitamin E and ascorbic acid to quench multiple free radicals.* Glutathione is well known for exerting a positive effect on many biomarkers of oxidative stress in the liver, and  tetrahydrocurcumin, a highly bioactive metabolite of curcumin, reduces oxidative stress and expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines.*

Combine these beneficial nutrients in Tesseract’s patent-pending nutrient delivery system and you get unprecedented absorption in very efficient micro-doses. It’s this integral piece of Tesseract’s power – micro-dosing – that enables the four nutrients in HepatiSafe® to be highly efficacious in a single capsule. This makes HepatiSafe® the liver-protective supplement you’ve been looking for.* Click through to learn more about this revolutionary Tesseract supplement.

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